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Blog / News - Monday - May 08, 2017
I have had a few questions about how to tell if a painting is available for sale on this site. If it does not say, "Private Collection" at the end of it's description it is available. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for pricing and/or more info on the piece.

Blog / News - Tuesday - Feb 07, 2017
“Our lease has come to an end and we are grateful that a four month pop-up space, amazingly turned into four great years with the support of the Key West community.” says gallery owner and artist Letty Nowak.

The final exhibit in the current 318 Petronia space will be curated by New York gallery owner and art dealer, Hal Bromm. Nowak and Bromm will be bringing back Nowak's signature, "Black Envelope" exhibit.

In total, the Lemonade Stand has been in business for eleven years. It first opened its doors in Bahama Village at 227 Petronia Street in 2001 and then closed in 2007.

In 2012, Nowak did find another space for her gallery. Again, it was in her favorite neighborhood, Bahama Village. "My stepfather and I went in there with four gallons of white paint, and made it a gallery. It was beautiful and a dream come true to have it back," Nowak adds. "I flew in all of my new paintings I had been making in California and we were back in business." Nowak brought back her very popular Juried Small Works Exhibit, gave solo exhibits to artists, Deborah Yates, Sharon McGauley, Erin Stover-Sickmen, Leah Peeks, Alaina Plowdrey, Juan Ego, Paul Findlay, Johnny White, Vincent Pomilio, and Sarah Boyts-Yoder.

"When I first heard the news that my lease was ending I spoke with Jesse Anderson, a close friend of mine. He said, "Don't worry, Letty. The Lemonade Stand always pops back up."

In the meantime, Nowak will be focusing on making a lot of new paintings in her California Studio when not in Key West. Letty and gallery manager, Caroline Stover-Sickmen will also be scouting out spaces to do the Small Works Exhibit for 2017. Any suggestions for this 6 week show are gladly accepted.

Please come on Saturday night and help us celebrate our time in this space. The Lemonade Stand at 318 Petronia will close at the end of February.

Blog / News - Friday - Jan 20, 2017
A special television segment about Letty Nowak's paintings and Key West will air on the Boston's the Chronicle at 7:30 tonight.

You may view the episode at http://www.wcvb.com/nowcast if you want to watch it live, or on http://www.wcvb.com/chronicle to watch in the days following the airing.

A little update on what Letty's been up to....
"I've been working between my Key West and La Jolla, California studios getting ready for exhibits in 2017 and 2018. Portraits are making up the majority of my work, although there has been some new small, different pieces that have come out in between the larger work."

For more info about Letty's work or the Lemonade Stand Gallery, contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Blog / News - Saturday - May 14, 2016

Aloha to Rabbit Kekai who passed away yesterday.

This past December 15th I flew the painting I made of him to Hawaii to show it to him and have him sign it. He was adamant that his full signature have his name - plus, "The Legend" and that, Rabbit, you will always be.
Thank you for all of your contributions to the surfing world.

The common denominator of the stories that people have shared with me since making this painting are very heartfelt and humbling as you had helped, coach, watched over, and sometimes even fed. You are very loved. Mahalo

Blog / News - Wednesday - May 04, 2016
I was fortunate to meet Mrs. Golden of Golden Paints and Williamsburg Oils at Vincent Pomilio's Opening Reception I gave at the Lemonade Stand Gallery. She and I spoke extensively about my work and when I got back to my studio, my full palette in Williamsburg Oils were packaged beautifully at my doorstep. A few weeks later they let me pick another sampling of colors outside of my consistent palette to try. In all of my years painting, Williamsburg Oils was a product I had never invested in. I was aware of the company, but I had my brands I had studied, tested, and worked with for years.

Now with this generous gift from Williamsburg Paints, I made the plan to make a painting using only Williamsburg from start to finish. I want to truly feel what the product has to offer. This week I started that painting and will be giving updates on my experience throughout the process.

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Short Film By Cory Patterson On Nowak
Jan 07, 2017
Anne McKee Retrospective Exhibition
The Studios of Key West
Letty is a recipient of an Anne McKee Artist Fund Grant from 2001 and is represented in this show. Exhibit runs through January 25th. TSKW is located at 533 Eaton Street

Jan 20, 2017
California Studio
La Jolla
Nowak is currently spending time in her West Coast studio making new works for exhibits in 2017 and 2018. To schedule an appointment to view the studio, please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Feb 11, 2017
Hiatus Party Curated by Hal Bromm
Saturday, February 11th 6-8 pm
Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, FL
The Lemonade Stand Gallery at 318 Petronia Street will be closing it's doors 48 months after it's initial what was supposed to be a 4 month Pop-Up Space. Come help us celebrate our time in this great gallery.