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Blog / News - Tuesday - Feb 07, 2017
Letty in her 318 Petronia Space
“Our lease has come to an end and we are grateful that a four month pop-up space, amazingly turned into four great years with the support of the Key West community.” says gallery owner and artist Letty Nowak.

The final exhibit in the current 318 Petronia space will be curated by New York gallery owner and art dealer, Hal Bromm. Nowak and Bromm will be bringing back Nowak's signature, "Black Envelope" exhibit.

In total, the Lemonade Stand has been in business for eleven years. It first opened its doors in Bahama Village at 227 Petronia Street in 2001 and then closed in 2007.

In 2012, Nowak did find another space for her gallery. Again, it was in her favorite neighborhood, Bahama Village. "My stepfather and I went in there with four gallons of white paint, and made it a gallery. It was beautiful and a dream come true to have it back," Nowak adds. "I flew in all of my new paintings I had been making in California and we were back in business." Nowak brought back her very popular Juried Small Works Exhibit, gave solo exhibits to artists, Deborah Yates, Sharon McGauley, Erin Stover-Sickmen, Leah Peeks, Alaina Plowdrey, Juan Ego, Paul Findlay, Johnny White, Vincent Pomilio, and Sarah Boyts-Yoder.

"When I first heard the news that my lease was ending I spoke with Jesse Anderson, a close friend of mine. He said, "Don't worry, Letty. The Lemonade Stand always pops back up."

In the meantime, Nowak will be focusing on making a lot of new paintings in her California Studio when not in Key West. Letty and gallery manager, Caroline Stover-Sickmen will also be scouting out spaces to do the Small Works Exhibit for 2017. Any suggestions for this 6 week show are gladly accepted.

Please come on Saturday night and help us celebrate our time in this space. The Lemonade Stand at 318 Petronia will close at the end of February.

Blog / News - Friday - Jan 20, 2017
Photo courtesy of Matt McNally &…
A special television segment about Letty Nowak's paintings and Key West will air on the Boston's the Chronicle at 7:30 tonight.

You may view the episode at if you want to watch it live, or on to watch in the days following the airing.

A little update on what Letty's been up to....
"I've been working between my Key West and La Jolla, California studios getting ready for exhibits in 2017 and 2018. Portraits are making up the majority of my work, although there has been some new small, different pieces that have come out in between the larger work."

For more info about Letty's work or the Lemonade Stand Gallery, contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Blog / News - Saturday - May 14, 2016

Aloha to Rabbit Kekai who passed away yesterday.

This past December 15th I flew the painting I made of him to Hawaii to show it to him and have him sign it. He was adamant that his full signature have his name - plus, "The Legend" and that, Rabbit, you will always be.
Thank you for all of your contributions to the surfing world.

The common denominator of the stories that people have shared with me since making this painting are very heartfelt and humbling as you had helped, coach, watched over, and sometimes even fed. You are very loved. Mahalo

Blog / News - Wednesday - May 04, 2016
New colors to try
My full palette arrives at my studio
I was fortunate to meet Mrs. Golden of Golden Paints and Williamsburg Oils at Vincent Pomilio's Opening Reception I gave at the Lemonade Stand Gallery. She and I spoke extensively about my work and when I got back to my studio, my full palette in Williamsburg Oils were packaged beautifully at my doorstep. A few weeks later they let me pick another sampling of colors outside of my consistent palette to try. In all of my years painting, Williamsburg Oils was a product I had never invested in. I was aware of the company, but I had my brands I had studied, tested, and worked with for years.

Now with this generous gift from Williamsburg Paints, I made the plan to make a painting using only Williamsburg from start to finish. I want to truly feel what the product has to offer. This week I started that painting and will be giving updates on my experience throughout the process.

Blog / News - Tuesday - Oct 06, 2015
Alex Markwith, Letty Nowak, Vincent…
Drew Kampion / oil on canvas / 34…
This week in NYC, Hal Bromm is hosting the Opening Receptions for his 40th Anniversary exhibit where 130 artists have been invited to exhibit at his 90 West Broadway location. Nowak's piece selected and on display is, 'Drew Kampion.' Exhibit is on display through March 31st, 2016.

Blog / News - Saturday - Aug 22, 2015
Letty has been accepted the invitation to exhibit at the Hal Bromm 40th Anniversary Exhibition at 90 West Broadway, New York. October 1st, 2015 - March 31st, 2016

Blog / News - Monday - Apr 06, 2015
Less than a week away… Here is the press release for my Rabbit Kekai painting unveiling. See you there -

Huntington Beach welcomes the Newly Redesigned and Expanded Toes on the Nose Adventure Hyatt.

Huntington Beach Calif., (April 2015) - Featuring 3000 sq feet of art, retail, and adventure packages, classic surf brand Toes on the Nose is celebrating its newly expanded space at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa on Saturday April 11th from 5 - 8 pm with a Grand Opening Reception that is open to the public.

Nowak, the unparalleled artist who lives and works in Southern California, will not only be exhibiting some of her famed “Faces of Surfing” oil paintings at Saturday's reception, but she will also be unveiling her latest work, an oil on linen painting of iconic Hawaiian surf legend, Rabbit Kekai who rode his first wave in 1925 and was mentored by world famous Duke Kahanamoku.

“I’ve been following Letty’s work for a few years now and couldn’t think of a better artist to open our new store with,” says Toes owner, Richard Allred. “After some discussion, Letty and I decided that with all of Rabbit’s contributions to the world of surfing, plus him being a Toes on the Nose team rider for 16 years, it would be an honor to have his painting first viewed at our Opening Party. This also allows us to showcase our new gallery inside our shop. The store before us was an art gallery and we decided that it was essential to keep art an integral part of this space. We have dedicated almost a quarter of the shop for this gallery,” Allred adds.

The newly designed concept store embraces the iconic Toes on the Nose vibe featuring the fusion of authentic, organic and classic elegance with the purpose of maximizing the Hyatt guest experience of the California lifestyle. Through this expansive new space Toes on the Nose offers not only an art gallery, but surf lessons, yoga classes, surfboards and bike rentals. There is also a VIP meeting “boardroom” featuring wide screen TVs displaying their Corporate Party and Special Event Adventure Packages. Their guests will also have the ablity to take a video home of their activities via their newly created Go Pro center.

Blog / News - Tuesday - Feb 17, 2015

Featured in Channel 5 News in Boston.

Video via

Blog / News - Friday - Nov 21, 2014
Donavon at his Kauai Home
Limited Edition Print of Donavon…
Today is the release of the first Faces of Surfing II print of Donavon Frankenreiter. Nowak traveled to Hawaii to photograph the musician and surfer at his mountain side home in Kauai. "It was early morning when I met up with Donavon. My goal was to capture him in the Kauai light of his own home in this relaxed setting with his family. He was wearing an 'A.I. Would Scrap' t-shirt which I found relevant as we were on Andy Irons home island and Andy's presence was everywhere. I made sure to keep part of the shirt in the painting because of this," says Nowak. "This trip to meet up with Donavon in such a personal setting helped to give the finished painting of Donavon the layers and feeling it has."

Prints can be purchased at: or by calling: (305) 731-9333

Blog / News - Thursday - Aug 07, 2014
This is the fourth year Nowak has been invited to SIMA's Waterman's Ball. The first year she went as a guest. The second and third, a commissioned painting of hers was one of the 11 items in the live auction during the awards ceremony and dinner. The past two years, these Nowak painting commissions raised a combined $25,000 towards SIMA's chosen environmental funds. "It is important for me to give back to the surf industry as their support for me and the Faces of Surfing has been immeasurable." Nowak continues, "I can't thank the surf industry and my collectors enough." On exhibit during this year's cocktail reception will be Nowak's oil on canvases of Fernando Aguerre, the 2013 Waterman of the Year and George Downing, who received Sima's 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Waterman's Ball is Saturday, August 9th at 5 pm at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California.

Blog / News - Thursday - Jun 19, 2014
A few years back, I picked up this one-piece suit to surf through the summer in. After each surf, I would literally get high fives for this modern meets vintage surf suit. Needless to say, I started bringing this brand into my shops and sure enough Rhea Cortado asked if she could do an article about me for the Seea Babes blog. With honor, I accepted and here it is. Thank you, Seea for great write up.

Read the Seea's full article here. >

url link: ( )

Blog / News - Tuesday - Apr 15, 2014
My first home in Key West was 410 Simonton. A quintessential, peach-colored Conch House split into different apartments. Mine was small. The main room boasted high ceilings and tall windows. It had my bed in the center and my painting easels and palette in the corner. Adjacent was a small kitchen and bathroom. Needless to say, I was in heaven. At night I would flip on the television and free cable from the landlord and watch Keys TV, a station dedicated to local happenings around town.

One night in particular I remember a segment showcasing a well-spoken lady with a lot of character. She must have been around 70 at the time. She also was an artist and spoke about her impressive accomplishments as they flashed images of her watercolors. The camera then went back to her as she told the story of making Key West her home. She boldly said she saw a person roller-skating down the middle of the street and that is when she knew Key West was her match.

As I turned off the tv and light that night, I remember thinking, “Wow. If I can just do as much with my art career, maybe someday I will be on the Keys TV as well.”

That woman was Sandford Birdsey and that night I went to sleep so happy, at peace, and excited about starting my life as an artist. I was only 21 and knew Key West was the best home I could have chosen for this. Sure enough, a few years later and to my honor, I had my spot on Keys TV as well.

This painting is dedicated to Sandford Birdsey. I never knew her that well and I don’t think I ever told her this story or how much of an inspiration she really was to a young artist only around 30 days living in Key West.

Blog / News - Saturday - Jan 11, 2014
Photographer, Paul Findlay’s body of work, ‘Streets of Havana’ is currently on exhibition at the Lemonade Stand Gallery in Key West, Florida. Findlay, also a local tennis pro, found his passion for photography at a young age; even built a dark room in his parent’s bathroom at age 14. Combined with his love for travel, the artist toured the world documenting his path—in this case the ‘Streets of Havana’.
“I found Cuba, and in particular Havana, to be a photographer's paradise. Wandering the streets of Havana Vieja, one can catch glimpses of its former grandeur. Today its crumbling Spanish architecture and classic American automobiles are home to throngs of people struggling to survive on a daily basis” Findlay explains. The images depict the daily routine of Havana’s streets, and immerse the onlooker into the local light of Cuba.
Paul Findlay’s ‘Streets of Havana’ exhibition is open to the public until January 31st at The Lemonade Stand Gallery located at 318 Petronia Street in Bahama Village, open Tuesday- Sunday 10am-4pm or by private appointment. For more information please contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Blog / News - Tuesday - Nov 19, 2013
Complimentary frame on all 8 x 8 Limited Edition prints. Specify White, Espresso, or Black. Now until December 20th.

Blog / News - Wednesday - Oct 02, 2013
Travel has always held an essential position in Nowak’s career, regardless of the collection she’s constantly on the move, venturing to places that not only propel her as an artist, as well as adding character to each individual painting. Recently, Nowak took the position as artist in residence while in the small surfing town of Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica. The two weeks spent in Costa Rica combined working on paintings for the Faces of Surfing II and also being coached by surf aficionado Jim Hogan. Prior to completion of her past collection, the Faces of Key West, Nowak traveled in between her beloved little island and the East End towns of Montauk and Sag Harbor, NY. Spending time in between different climates undeniably can be seen throughout the sprit of her portraits. “There is always a different feel and light to each painting depending on the region. If two paintings were done in the same area - I feel you can definitely see it,” explains Nowak. She currently holds a studio on each coast, and continues to travel regularly photographing her subjects in all different locales priding the originality of the Faces of Surfing.

Blog / News - Tuesday - Aug 27, 2013
Nowak with Historian Jane Schmauss…
Inside the California Surf Museum
Yesterday, Nowak was invited to tour the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California. It was a pleasure meeting historian Jane Schmauss, and the great staff at the museum located at 312 Pier View Way Oceanside, CA . For more information please visit:

Coincidentally, their current exhibition is dictated to the legendary men and women who shaped the influential and notably competitive Windansea Surf Club. The renowned surf break, Windansea has also been home to Nowak’s studio for almost 3 years, and is the spirit of her current collection. After touring the memorabilia it was ultimately determined that the vibrant individuals that encompass the organization and neighborhood are the soul and backbone of the cherished landmark. The area alone embodies a since of ‘classic Southern California’ surfing community filled with eccentric types of people from all walks of life. The vintage cove and famous palm-covered ‘surf shack’ gives off a cool vibe that makes it undeniable that Windansea exemplifies the most progressive and animated characters in California surf and beach crowd history.

Blog / News - Monday - Aug 12, 2013
Nowak with Greg Noll
2013 Waterman's Ball Silent Auction
Nowak with friend and Waterman of…
Nowak with friends Valentina Pierotti,…
Nowak and Elizabeth Rice
Nowak with Millie Marsh and Elizabeth…
This past weekend Nowak along with the Faces of Surfing attended the 24th annual Waterman’s Ball, which raised more than $400,000 (including a commission piece donated by Nowak) that will directly benefit organizations dedicated to the preservation and protection of our oceans, beaches, and waves. The sold-out affair also celebrated four individuals for their exceptional impacts on the industry. Congratulations ISA President, Fernando Aguerre who was named Waterman of the Year; musician, artist, and surfer Brandon Boyd and Incubus were recognized as Environmentalists of the Year; Peter “PT” Townend received the Lifetime Achievement Award; and finally founder of Waves for Water, Jon Rose, was given the Special Achievement Award for his relief work for Hurricane Sandy.

Blog / News - Friday - Jul 19, 2013
Letty Nowak along with the Faces of Surfing continues to support and aid the conservation of the world’s oceans, beaches, and waves. From her ongoing support of SIMA and recent event with Mote Marine Laboratory, Nowak has made it a priority to help protect, educate, and preserve through her work. Last year Nowak raised $15,000 at SIMA’s annual Waterman’s Ball in Laguna Niguel, California for her donated commission piece. A large reach to more organizations through the Faces of Surfing will be announced soon.

Photo: Nowak signing last year’s donation to Waterman’s Ball live auction

Blog / News - Sunday - Jul 07, 2013
"Rob Machado" oil on canvas, on display…
Nowak has been invited back to the 2013 Waterman's Ball in Laguna Niguel, CA. Like last year, she will be donating a commissioned painting to the live auction to help raise money for SIMA's Environmental Fund. "It is important for me to give back to the surf industry as it has been so supportive of me and my paintings. It is an honor to be involved with this unbelievable event," says Nowak.

Blog / News - Monday - Jun 24, 2013
"Sparks" by artist Jacquelyn Sanchez
Letty Nowak along with her Key West gallery, The Lemonade Stand Art Studio presents the international juried ‘Small Works’ Group Show. The exhibition will be open from June 28th through July 14th, 2013 with an artist reception on Friday June 28th from 6-9pm, followed by a champagne reception Saturday June 29th from noon-3pm.

The Lemonade Stand is proud to announce the return of the juried group show including artists Dick Moody, John Martini, Jim Racchi, and Sandy Mezinis to name a few.

All work submitted met a size requirement of 10”x10” or smaller, and was judged by a committee made up of individuals with various art backgrounds from across the country including David Case of Sarabeth’s, artist Sue Clay Moloney, Jay Scott former executive director of the Studio’s of Key West, and Art Dealer and long-time Key West resident Hal Bromm, owner of Tribeca's Hal Bromm Gallery and former chair of Sculpture Key West.

"Judging Lemonade Stand's small works exhibition provides a sneak peak at many wonderful new works by a some seriously talented - and several internationally recognized - artists to Key West. For new collectors beginning an art collection, both the quality and the price levels invite serious consideration." – Hal Bromm

"My selections were based on emotion and not as much on knowledge of the art or artists. I thought that was a good thing."--David Case

The Lemonade Stand Art Studio is located at 318 Petronia Street Key West, Florida

Hours of operation:
Monday- Saturday 10am-4pm
Also by appointment

For press inquiries, images, or to arrange an appointment, please contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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