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Blog / News - Tuesday - May 10, 2011
One of the perks about painting in La Jolla is the some of the ways I get to start my day. The other morning my painting session started with a surf. Nothing like waking up to some cold Southern Californian water rushing over me as I paddled out or the dolphin that slowly swam by peaking up a couple times at the few of us that were out in the line up. Mornings like this are proving to make productive days in front of the canvas.

Blog / News - Friday - May 06, 2011
I swept up sawdust and was able to start the process of stretching the canvases. After a few hours of canvas and a staple gun, I took an afternoon break. I took off for La Jolla Shores with my new neighbor, Andy for some sushi and beach side frozen yogurt. We had a little unplanned stop in downtown La Jolla at Warwick's where we ran into a book signing by Candace Bushnell introducing her new book Summer in the City. We heard the tail end of her talk which was about her writing process. What surprised me was how similar her process was to mine... the start of the process is slow... working through the ideas. At the end it moves extremely fast- lots of hours put into the work just trying to keep up with the ideas.
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Blog / News - Wednesday - May 04, 2011
This is going to be one of those weeks of making stretchers in La Jolla. Good thing the weather is so sunny and warm because my great make-shift woodshop is partly outside (thanks to Gary, the property manager). Hopefully the neighbors won't be too annoyed with a table saw buzzing for a few hours... I have some good subjects I am about to start and want to be ready with big new white canvases. Stay tuned-