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Blog / News - Wednesday - Nov 21, 2012
The Lowman's in Nowak's Surf Shack…
Fred and Debbie Lowman of Jacksonville, Florida have been visiting the Keys for over 20 years. The couple who has been married for 38 years have taken Nowak's Faces of Key West project on their own incredible journey. Over six years ago they visited Nowak's gallery, The Lemonade Stand Art Studio with one of her Faces of Key West books in hand. They told her of their quest to search the island for the subjects she had painted for the 100 portrait series and have each one personally autograph the page of the book that showcased their painting. Nowak remembers the day clearly stating, "It was impressive to watch the Faces of Key West project grow more layers as the Lowman's told me their story. I knew it must be touching my subjects as well." Just last week, the Lowman's found Nowak in Key West again in one of her Surf Shack's and told her their adventure is still on. They have about half of the book signed and continue their mission each time they visit the island. They claim they must have walked 100's of miles through Key West following clues to find their next autograph.