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Blog / News - Monday - Jun 18, 2012
Keep up-to-date with the Faces of Surfing collection through our Facebook page. Nowak contributes daily highlights and important aspects of the project, for example our Print of the Week. Each week Nowak selects a print from her Limited Edition set, and gives a small bio of each subject mostly highlighting on their influence to the project. The Facebook page gives the viewers a hands on experience throughout the growth of the project. Follow us today,

Blog / News - Thursday - Jun 14, 2012
Bob Hurley and Nowak in Tavarua -…
Nowak with the Fijian Tavi locals
Nowak enroute to Cloudbreak
Five years ago this month, Nowak traveled to the heart shaped island of Tavarua, Fiji for her first visit. The remote island is home to celebrated world class surf breaks such as Cloudbreak, Restaurants,and Tavarua Rights. At the time, Nowak was working on plans start next body of work, the Faces of Surfing. During that specific week of her stay, she found herself surrounded by a few subjects that would be perfect for the first series of paintings including Richard Woolcott. His portrait became the second finished for the series and was first exhibited at the Hal Bromm Gallery in NYC. A few years later, Nowak was fortunate enough to fly back to Tavarua for the same Tavi Trippers week. Here she met more subjects including Bob Hurley and Aamion Goodwin. Her introduction to Bob lead to him offering to debut the entire first series at his Hurley Headquarters. This launch was instrumental to her paintings, the new studio in California, and all of the great and new people she has met along the way.

Tavarua recently hosted the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro during the same week in June of Nowak's stay, where Cloudbreak greeted many of surfings top names last week such as Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, and Taj Burrow. Congratulations to Kelly Slater for finishing first at the Fiji Pro.