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Letty's Blog
Blog / News - Wednesday - Oct 02, 2013
Travel has always held an essential position in Nowak’s career, regardless of the collection she’s constantly on the move, venturing to places that not only propel her as an artist, as well as adding character to each individual painting. Recently, Nowak took the position as artist in residence while in the small surfing town of Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica. The two weeks spent in Costa Rica combined working on paintings for the Faces of Surfing II and also being coached by surf aficionado Jim Hogan. Prior to completion of her past collection, the Faces of Key West, Nowak traveled in between her beloved little island and the East End towns of Montauk and Sag Harbor, NY. Spending time in between different climates undeniably can be seen throughout the sprit of her portraits. “There is always a different feel and light to each painting depending on the region. If two paintings were done in the same area - I feel you can definitely see it,” explains Nowak. She currently holds a studio on each coast, and continues to travel regularly photographing her subjects in all different locales priding the originality of the Faces of Surfing.