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Blog / News - Monday - Apr 06, 2015
Less than a week away… Here is the press release for my Rabbit Kekai painting unveiling. See you there -

Huntington Beach welcomes the Newly Redesigned and Expanded Toes on the Nose Adventure Hyatt.

Huntington Beach Calif., (April 2015) - Featuring 3000 sq feet of art, retail, and adventure packages, classic surf brand Toes on the Nose is celebrating its newly expanded space at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa on Saturday April 11th from 5 - 8 pm with a Grand Opening Reception that is open to the public.

Nowak, the unparalleled artist who lives and works in Southern California, will not only be exhibiting some of her famed “Faces of Surfing” oil paintings at Saturday's reception, but she will also be unveiling her latest work, an oil on linen painting of iconic Hawaiian surf legend, Rabbit Kekai who rode his first wave in 1925 and was mentored by world famous Duke Kahanamoku.

“I’ve been following Letty’s work for a few years now and couldn’t think of a better artist to open our new store with,” says Toes owner, Richard Allred. “After some discussion, Letty and I decided that with all of Rabbit’s contributions to the world of surfing, plus him being a Toes on the Nose team rider for 16 years, it would be an honor to have his painting first viewed at our Opening Party. This also allows us to showcase our new gallery inside our shop. The store before us was an art gallery and we decided that it was essential to keep art an integral part of this space. We have dedicated almost a quarter of the shop for this gallery,” Allred adds.

The newly designed concept store embraces the iconic Toes on the Nose vibe featuring the fusion of authentic, organic and classic elegance with the purpose of maximizing the Hyatt guest experience of the California lifestyle. Through this expansive new space Toes on the Nose offers not only an art gallery, but surf lessons, yoga classes, surfboards and bike rentals. There is also a VIP meeting “boardroom” featuring wide screen TVs displaying their Corporate Party and Special Event Adventure Packages. Their guests will also have the ablity to take a video home of their activities via their newly created Go Pro center.