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Blog / News - Friday - Nov 21, 2014
Donavon at his Kauai Home
Limited Edition Print of Donavon…
Today is the release of the first Faces of Surfing II print of Donavon Frankenreiter. Nowak traveled to Hawaii to photograph the musician and surfer at his mountain side home in Kauai. "It was early morning when I met up with Donavon. My goal was to capture him in the Kauai light of his own home in this relaxed setting with his family. He was wearing an 'A.I. Would Scrap' t-shirt which I found relevant as we were on Andy Irons home island and Andy's presence was everywhere. I made sure to keep part of the shirt in the painting because of this," says Nowak. "This trip to meet up with Donavon in such a personal setting helped to give the finished painting of Donavon the layers and feeling it has."

Prints can be purchased at: or by calling: (305) 731-9333